CFO Concepts is a multifaceted Pittsburgh-based financial services company providing financial and operational business consulting and fractional CFO/COO services to businesses and manufacturing. Staying ahead of the curve in today’s competitive environment requires you to keep a constant ear to the pulse of your business.

At CFO Concepts, we are your sounding board and advisor asking the tough questions to help you find the answers and solutions to move your company to the next level. As your advisor, we help you to find the hidden value in your business and to navigate the road to improved profitability by identifying growth opportunities, increasing efficiencies, lowering costs and realigning responsibilities.

Creative problem-solving results in the effective shaping of corporate strategy, and the building of shareholder value. Using a combination of intuition and analytical skills CFO Concepts is able to simplify the organizational structure, evaluate opportunities and determine best alternatives to achieve optimal results. We roll up our sleeves and look at all aspects of your business to identify areas for improvement and opportunities for growth.

Business owners who work with CFO Concepts receive executive level financial experience for a fraction of the cost of a full-time CFO. We deliver a wealth of financial and operational experience in strategic planning and funding transactions that provides skilled, flexible and commercially-minded business advice.

Founder, Martin Vuono, brings extensive international, operational, and financial expertise to your strategic team of entrepreneurs and business leaders wanting to take their company to the next level.

Are you making strategic decisions with strong financial information? As you consider expansion, are you able to access international growth opportunities while ensuring compliance? As you look at growth, how would you go about expanding sourcing options, including international markets? We have the answers to these and many other international market expansion questions.

Our comprehensive skillset includes mergers acquisitions, post-merger integrations and the establishment of a system of sound internal controls in high growth domestic and international operations. We bring a demonstrated ability to improve operations, drive growth, maximize profits, improve working capital efficiency, and lead acquisitions and integrations.