I have worked with Marty Vuono now at two different companies, and I have come into contact with several colleagues that are familiar with and support Marty’s expertise. I would highlight three primary strengths where Marty consistently exceeds expectations. First, coming from an environment where he was the CFO of a company with $1B in annual revenues, Marty is able to rapidly digest, analyze, and provide significant value-add recommendations back to his clients and companies. His knowledge of the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flows drives better decision-making and planning for the business. Second, Marty has a level of maturity, wisdom, and calmness in his demeanor when working in high stress, high turnaround situations. His persona is a privilege to have on your team. Third, and last, Marty is a people-person. He is able to work with a variety of professionals, from the seasoned CEO to the most entry-level accounting clerk – he is able to challenge, develop, mentor, and deliver with a variety of team members that sit on a company’s bench. In closing, Marty is a top notch Chief Financial Officer and stand-out executive leader.

~ Dave Caruso – Dave Caruso Advisory LLC, Contract Management Consultant (Director, VP, and C


Analytical Approach to Aggressive Growth –

I had the pleasure of working closely with Marty as we embarked on a Business and Finance Transformation program at CEI. His broad business knowledge, his genuine care of staff and company, and his relentless desire to succeed with our aggressive growth agenda. I specifically valued Marty’s collaborative and inclusive style to create business-driven transformation, and analytics capability including strategic planning, technology Improvements and information strategies. Marty was instrumental in providing valuable insights driven by an analytical approach to contributing to our success.

~ Ed Funaro ~ President at Computer Enterprises, Inc.


I had the pleasure of working alongside Marty at PolyConcept. We worked hand in hand to drive the business – both the achieving the top line sales and delivering the bottom line budget. Marty is the most sales oriented CFO I had ever work with at that point in my career.

~ David Grobisen ~ VP of Sales PCNA