Marty started working with my company at its most challenging period since its founding 6 years prior. The environment was high-stress, fast-moving, and demanding of all team members, no matter their capacity or function. Marty has proven to be reliable under stress, detailed oriented on the highest priority financial task at hand, and flexible to work with our team across all knowledge and experience levels. In addition, his experience and knowledge as a successful CFO have proven to be invaluable to our 6 year- old company. Many of Marty’s initiatives led to the successful turnaround of the company as we navigated through a turbulent time. His relationship-based approach to our banking and lending partners was exactly what our lending stakeholders needed from our company. His acumen in how to translate the financial data of our company to the key field team members that needed it to increase profitability has positively impacted the bottom line substantially. Marty is a high-performing CFO for my company and has earned my complete trust in all aspects of my business.

                                 ~ Stephen Daniele  –  CEO, Founder
Shannon Staley and Sons Construction

I have worked with Marty Vuono now at two different companies, and I have come into contact with several colleagues that are familiar with and support Marty’s expertise. I would highlight three primary strengths where Marty consistently exceeds expectations. First, coming from an environment where he was the CFO of a company with $1B in annual revenues, Marty is able to rapidly digest, analyze, and provide significant value-add recommendations back to his clients and companies. His knowledge of the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flows drives better decision-making and planning for the business. Second, Marty has a level of maturity, wisdom, and calmness in his demeanor when working in high stress, high turnaround situations. His persona is a privilege to have on your team. Third, and last, Marty is a people-person. He is able to work with a variety of professionals, from the seasoned CEO to the most entry-level accounting clerk – he is able to challenge, develop, mentor, and deliver with a variety of team members that sit on a company’s bench. In closing, Marty is a top notch Chief Financial Officer and stand-out executive leader.

~ Dave Caruso – Dave Caruso Advisory LLC, Contract Management Consultant (Director, VP, and C


Analytical Approach to Aggressive Growth –

I had the pleasure of working closely with Marty as we embarked on a Business and Finance Transformation program at CEI. His broad business knowledge, his genuine care of staff and company, and his relentless desire to succeed with our aggressive growth agenda. I specifically valued Marty’s collaborative and inclusive style to create business-driven transformation, and analytics capability including strategic planning, technology Improvements and information strategies. Marty was instrumental in providing valuable insights driven by an analytical approach to contributing to our success.

~ Ed Funaro ~ President at Computer Enterprises, Inc.


I had the pleasure of working alongside Marty at PolyConcept. We worked hand in hand to drive the business – both the achieving the top line sales and delivering the bottom line budget. Marty is the most sales oriented CFO I had ever work with at that point in my career.

~ David Grobisen ~ VP of Sales PCNA